Minus One: Island Two

That was an amazing 3 hours trip on top of the boat. The interior wasn’t comfortable so we decided to move out for comfort and view.



There was a festival when we arrived boats were decorated with colorful banderitas but we were more into a less crowded and a chill place. So we gave this a miss! Maybe next time!


We took a motorbike to go around the island. The plan to see a falls dismayed us – we were actually expecting a tall falls but we end up to a small one. Though if I grow up here I would enjoy my weekend and summer vacation playing here.


We then decided to head to the beach! I never been to a less crowded beach. In fact, it was only the 3 of us and a couple who where in the resort. So relaxing!





The island has white sand and rocky beaches.ImageWe were bored in that afternoon and we decided to walk down the hill and check out the other side of the beach (the rocky beach) up to the community. There were fish nets and boat docked by the beach. Fishing is the primary source of living here I suppose!

Well, we didn’t expect that a small community is just close by. It was late in the afternoon, youth were playing baskteball (this is very popular game to us), some are doing their house chores -feeding the swine, cleaning the backyard, cooking from their dirty kitchen I can see while walking the the ricefield or dried fishpond.


We bought a lot of bread, okay! I bought all sorts of bread cause I want to taste them all! It looks tasty and it is really! This little girl helping pack the bread for their business.



Since the beach is facing the east there is no chance for any sunset but we set the alarm for us to cached up the sunrise.

Imageand then we head home.


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