Minus One: Island 3

So far this is my favorite island for the following reason:

-accessibility; 2 hours bus and 15 mins boat away from my location

-rich marine flora and fauna, bioluminescence plankton was never expected

-hospitality of the locals – we had a home stay since there was no resort in the island at all.

Shorelines has white coarse sand to rocky beaches. Fishing is the primary source of living but most young professionals are working in the city and send money back to the family. There are no public boat but most locals have their own motorized banca that could transport 6 person. There is a grade school and high school at the mainland. Electricity is limited and is only supplied by power generator and those on the other side of the island has solar powered lights. A peace corps volunteer has been working with the locals to preserve the marine environment.


Pitcher plants are everywhere.


sunset backdrop gives silhouette to the islet.


moon rise against the mountains.


we joined the kids.


We trekked the hill to witness the sun rise. Another island to be explored lying on the horizon.


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