Coastal Community: Anda, Bohol Island

Anda, Bohol Island

Fishing Village, Diving Sites, & Developing Tourism

Soft- Yellow Sand and Hard – Solid Black Rock

How to get there: Bus from Tagbilaran City, Bohol for 2 hours.

This coastal community has fine yellow sand to rocky.

Most locals are dependent in fishing and a few are getting their income through tourism. A few resorts, mostly budget, can be seen close to the town proper and luxury and dive shops a few more walks away from the town center which has dive shops.

The locals in the pictures are catching fry to be sold to their dealers. About 7 fry would cost 25 pesos. They would walk along the shore about waist line deep pushing the zipper forward and waiting for the fry to be trap and then she will scope it.
They will collect they fry in their house until the reach to hundred. They need to change the salt water every 3 days or the fry will die.

They only do the fry catching if there are fry available and spend her time in her mini grocery.

Locals depend on fishing and tourism.



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