End of the World

Location: San Juan, Siquijor Island, Philippines.
Fishing and tourism.
Soft – yellow sand.


I am very keen to stay in an accommodation after two days of trekking and a night staying in a local house and we were able to secure a place. It was called End of the World.

It was a budget place. But it had a kitchen, fridge, and a veranda facing the beach. They have a boat that a guest can use but it was monsoon when we went there.


This accommodation serves as a reminder to us that we don’t own the resources that supplies us with the goods and services. It reminds me that it will soon end if we won’t use it in a sustainable way. Our resources has a limit. It should be pass unto the next generation but with how we act nowadays this soon will end.



While on the beach a local pass by and pick up something from the shore. It is a light bulb. He shake it close to his head. He then put it next to a coconut in an abandon house. A little act of saving the seas.



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