Coastal Community: San Jose, Carabao Island

Coastal community: Municipality of San Jose, Romblon
Beach: Soft – mix of powdery white sand and corals and shells
Locals main source of income through fishing.

I have to stopped and ask them what they are doing while the rest of the group head to the restaurant for food. They are locals of the Poblacion San Jose. They are gathered for their cause under Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program today they will produce trash bins to be distributed in the village. Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program is a human development program of the national government that invest in the health and education of poor households, particularly of children aged 0-14 years old.

They use indigenous materials, bamboo, wood and recycled rice bags.


Rice sacks are reused here labeled as di-nabubulok (non-biodegradable) and nabubulok (biodegradable).


Tying up the opening of the sack to be attached to the frame.


Basically, men does the carpentry! (Don’t get me wring I’m not sexist)


Superwoman is not a fictional character! They are here! These women are measuring and cutting the materials needed. Filipina could also compete with the men in carpentry.


Everyone hand-in-hand in deploying the final out put.


The final out put deployed close to the shore.


I take my hat off to the locals who had their initiatives in sustaining their community and their source of income. They are conserving the resources for the upcoming generations.



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