Boracay Island: Who Keep the Island Clean?

Who keep the island clean?

The question will be answered by the photos below:





Every weekend locals or the stakeholders could be a massage therapist, wife of the boat man, a vendor, a hotel staff and their kids head to the beach from Station 1 all the way to Station 3 to gather non-biodegradable wastes litter around the beach it could be drifted back in the shore thrown unto the beach or from the sea thrown while doing water activities or bottles of beer and flip flops left by drunk party goers last Friday night.

I am in favor of exposing the youth to be environmental aware and proactive. I have attended a forum  on: Pagmamahal at Pamamahala ng Kalikasan (Love and Management of the Environment) held at UP Open University on February 16, 2013 and I witness how favorable the out come to the grade school student from the adopted schools. You may view updates about the project through Yapak Kalikasan.

It is the locals who are concern in making the island clean.


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