No Smoking

Conservation of Boracay Island. No Smoking in the Beach.

Boracay Island has become the weekend gate away to Filipinos and a destination to tourist across the globe; some love the place and culture and decided to stay longer. To put it in figure, a total of 908,875 foreign and domestic tourists visited Boracay in 2011. Development of as the island is proportional to tourism demand and has a significant impact to the island. Specifically, trash and cigarette butts are hard to remove from the sand and easily drifted seaward.

No Smoking ordinance was amended through Municipal Ordinance No. 272 series of 2009 (No Smoking by the Beach).

Implementation of the ordinance is acted through the deployment of auxiliary police on the beach. Furthermore, the ordinances are posted in the local newspaper.

Local support can be seen through local’s initiative. Installation of recycled materials on the entrance to the beach.


My action, every time I saw anyone smoking in the beach I informed them that it is a violation of a local ordinance. In addition, using social media I posted it on the internet and share with friends across the globe and I also wear advocacy shirts with “No Smoking on the Beach” sign.

However, awareness to the tourist isn’t that effective as the tarpaulins installed three years was destroyed and removed already. Stickers aren’t visible or catchys.

I suggest that the ordinances should be integrated in the environmental tickets handed to the tourist upon arrival.


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