I am a nudibranch

I had a life changing experience with Coral Cay Conservation for a period of one month. For now let me share to you this.

In my commitment to further enhance my learning about coastal resources management through open and distance e-learning I applied as a local scholar after I learn about the Coral Cay Conservation from a friend during my term break. A month on learning new stuff and experiencing myself the actual shift of water temperature on the thermocline that I only learn from my modules was amusing. This period didn’t only allow me to learn SCUBA & excel in SDP but also to meditate and be with nature.


Coral Cay Conservation reiterates how important the marine life not only to those who directly benefits from it specifically within the Coral Triangle where the most numbers of corals were but also to the entire ecosystem like a domino effect that we are interconnected. The staffs are committed to mitigate the anthropogenic impact to the coral reef though teaching the volunteers to be equipped in reef surveys, community capacity building and the students in the schools. They are highly qualified and are willing to extend their help in order to master of the skills requirement and to cheer you up.


I am grateful to everyone in the site including guard dog – Bantay for the friendship, encouragement and pushing me out of my shell. Learning experience that I am in debt forever to them. An experience which shaped up more of my interest about nature and my conservation vocation. Now that I am equipped to for reef surveys I have been informing the local government and NGO that I can extend my help in their surveys and conservation projects.


The whole experience I want to share to friends and to those who are kind to lend their ears. The story of my life changing experience.




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